How to Make Sausage Stew


6 x Heaps Pork, Apple & Wildflower Honey Sausages
25g Butter
25g Flour
2 x Carrots
1 x Stick of Celery
1 x Medium White Onion
1 x Bramley Apple
3 x Sage Leaves
500ml Cider
25ml Single Cream


I’m going to show you how to make a delicious sausage stew and this is a pork and apple sausage, always available in most and major supermarkets.

Now what I’m going to do is cook the sausages insider alongside celery, carrot and apple and onion. Now the apple, you don’t prepare until the very last minute simply because we want it to stay nice and green and white not discolouring at all through oxidization. So I’m going to just take out the core and I’m going to cook this in the pan on the top of the stove. I’m not going to put this in the oven although you could put it in the oven; it’s quite acceptable to do so. So these pieces are then roughly cut into thicker slices. All right, so all of the ingredients are ready to be used. I pre heated the pan on the stove, I’m going to add some butter to the hot pan, I’m going to take some flour and lightly flour each of the sausages and just stir them in the butter. And what’s going to happen here is I’m going to seal the sausages and simultaneously begin by making the [roll] which will thicken as I cook this. I don’t want it too thick, you can see it’s picked up quite a bit of flour and you can see the butter forming quite nicely. Now I’ve got on the back of my stove a large pan ready to make this and what I want to try and get here is a very, very light golden brown colour. So what I’m going to do now is lift the sausages so they’re just slightly sealed into the cooking pot. I’m going to add all the vegetables and the apples into the pan and just give them a light sealing. I’m not going to overdo this, I don’t want to burn the butter and the flour, I want them to be able to thicken when I add the cider to the actual stew. I want it to just have a light coating over the actual sausages. I’m going to finish this also with a little cream which enriches the dish. You noticed the way I’ve trimmed these vegetables. They’re all roughly the same size. The apples are the same size as the carrots, the celery and the onion pieces. If I cook them irregularly then there’s a likelihood that they could burn during the cooking process. Okay just so that you know, you can see that there’s a little light colour on there and when I add the cider, I’m not going to add any other liquid at all. This will come back to the boil and the flour and the butter together will combine and slightly thicken this. By the time this is cooked through, you’re going to have a very consistent sauce. Now I’m going to add some pepper. I reckon from start to finish you’re looking at the dish here that will cook and be ready to eat in about 30 minutes. And then to add just a pinch of salt, not too much and perhaps one other flavour that will really work very well with this is some sage, fresh sage. Now you can leave the sage in whole pieces and this is for three people. You can use it to decorate at the end so there we go. These are being washed and I’m going to add them to the stew now. There done it. Bring it to the boil, just coming up to the boil now. I’m going to regulate the gas just so this simmers very gently. It’s just coming up to the boil. You can add more salt and more pepper later on when you know that probably it is of the dish is ready to eat. Problem with adding too much now is the salt and the contents of the sausage are going to give you a contributing flavour to the finished dish. We need to see how that develops during the cooking process and then when we’re ready to serve it we can correct the sage thing then. The sausage stew is now at 25 minutes approximately nearly a half an hour and I think it’s ready. Now you’re not really going to be looking for anything more than the vegetables are quite soft. The sausages would definitely be good; they’ve also contributed to the sauce. The only thing I’m going to do is just add a drop of cream, you don’t need very much. Just incorporate it and finish with a bit of

It has taken about 30 minutes

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